Should I Visit the Cape During the Week? Yes!

Generally speaking, it’s always a good time to visit Cape Cod. Chatham, in particular, is the perfect place to use as your jumping-off point thanks to its central location, quaint downtown and wide array of attractions. While most people save the Cape for the weekend, consider the many benefits to planning a mid-week visit instead.

Get There…Faster

If you’ve ever driven up Route 6 on a weekend, you know how slow the going can be. By visiting during the middle of the week instead, you’ll get to Chatham a lot faster — and with a lot less aggravation. During your visit, you won’t dread hopping in the car to visit area attractions because local traffic will be a lot more manageable too.

Convenient Cape Cod Parking, It’s Not A Myth

During crowded weekends, it often seems like there’s not a single parking lot in Chatham that’s big enough. Mid-week, though, it’s a lot less competitive to find a spot. Instead of wasting gas waiting for a spot at the beach or circling the parking lot endlessly in order to check out the Chatham Lighthouse, you’ll pull up, park and be on your way.

Better Mid-Week Cape Cod Hotel Deals

Just as Cape Cod hotel prices drop during the off-season, they tend to dip during mid-week. More importantly, it’s much easier to get the kinds of accommodations you want by booking a room or vacation home during the middle of the week. This phenomenon extends to getting reservations at popular local restaurants and to securing tickets for shows at the incredibly quaint Chatham Orpheum Theater.

Enjoy the Run of the Place

Compared with the typical summer weekend, weekdays in Chatham tend to be quieter. There are far fewer tourists to contend with, freeing up all kinds of space at popular attractions and beaches. This is the perfect time to check out the Chatham Marconi Maritime Museum, for instance, or to go birdwatching over at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.

If you can swing it, plan your next visit to Chatham for the middle of the week. You’ll experience an entirely different side of Cape Cod — one that’s quieter, more easy going and even more laid back than usual!