Considering A Cape Cod Wedding? Here Are Three Reasons Why You Should.

It’s easy to see why Cape Cod is such a popular wedding destination: it’s romantic, the setting is beautiful and memorable, there are plenty of activities, and guests and wedding planners have a number of different options when it comes to planning the wedding and making travel arrangements. If you’re considering planning a wedding in Chatham, we offer you our top three reasons to get married on Cape Cod:

The Wedding Of Your Dreams Against A Beach Backdrop

There are lovely wedding venues right here in Chatham and neighboring Harwich Port. The Chatham Bars Inn, the Wequassett Resort and Golf Club, and the Wychmere Beach Club all have experienced wedding and event coordinators that know how to give every bride and groom their perfect wedding. From a formal, black tie dinner bash with the beach setting the scene to a barefoot on the beach clam bake with loved ones, you really can have it all.

A Destination Wedding On Cape Cod Is Affordable

Unlike many other popular beach wedding destinations, the wedding party and guests have choices when making their travel arrangements. Everyone can stay and celebrate regardless of their travel budget. The Chatham Seafarer Inn is minutes away from the most popular wedding venues in Chatham and Harwich Port. Our classic Cape Cod Inn has every modern amenity, and we offer wedding blocks for out of town guests for weddings hosted at local resorts.

Spring, Summer And Fall Weddings On Cape Cod

Every season on Cape Cod has its own appeal. From the cherry blossoms blooming in the spring, to the turning of the leaves in the fall, there is beauty and charm to be found far beyond classic summer days and nights. Budget minded brides and grooms should note that if they choose to plan a wedding in an off peak month, they can count on discounts and special rates from most wedding vendors.

Want to know more about booking a hotel wedding block in Chatham for a Cape Cod Wedding? Contact us.

Should I Visit the Cape During the Week? Yes!

Generally speaking, it’s always a good time to visit Cape Cod. Chatham, in particular, is the perfect place to use as your jumping-off point thanks to its central location, quaint downtown and wide array of attractions. While most people save the Cape for the weekend, consider the many benefits to planning a mid-week visit instead.

Get There…Faster

If you’ve ever driven up Route 6 on a weekend, you know how slow the going can be. By visiting during the middle of the week instead, you’ll get to Chatham a lot faster — and with a lot less aggravation. During your visit, you won’t dread hopping in the car to visit area attractions because local traffic will be a lot more manageable too.

Convenient Cape Cod Parking, It’s Not A Myth

During crowded weekends, it often seems like there’s not a single parking lot in Chatham that’s big enough. Mid-week, though, it’s a lot less competitive to find a spot. Instead of wasting gas waiting for a spot at the beach or circling the parking lot endlessly in order to check out the Chatham Lighthouse, you’ll pull up, park and be on your way.

Better Mid-Week Cape Cod Hotel Deals

Just as Cape Cod hotel prices drop during the off-season, they tend to dip during mid-week. More importantly, it’s much easier to get the kinds of accommodations you want by booking a room or vacation home during the middle of the week. This phenomenon extends to getting reservations at popular local restaurants and to securing tickets for shows at the incredibly quaint Chatham Orpheum Theater.

Enjoy the Run of the Place

Compared with the typical summer weekend, weekdays in Chatham tend to be quieter. There are far fewer tourists to contend with, freeing up all kinds of space at popular attractions and beaches. This is the perfect time to check out the Chatham Marconi Maritime Museum, for instance, or to go birdwatching over at Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge.

If you can swing it, plan your next visit to Chatham for the middle of the week. You’ll experience an entirely different side of Cape Cod — one that’s quieter, more easy going and even more laid back than usual!

Top 6 Family Friendly Nighttime Activities

Traveling with your family and looking for things to do after the sun goes down? Cape Cod has almost as much to offer at night as it does during the day.

Looking for suggestions on what to do when the sun goes down on a perfect beach day? There’s never a reason to be bored on Cape Cod, and that holds true for both day and night. Here, we uncover six extra-fun activities to keep the kids entertained well into those nighttime hours.

Photo by JESBos / CC BY-ND 2.0

1.    Take in a Baseball Game: Since 1885, the Cape has been home to the one of the country’s most storied amateur baseball leagues. Check out the Chatham Anglers on their home turf, and see the greats before they hit the majors. Bonus: There’s no charge to attend the games!

2.    Play a Round of Mini Golf: This family-friendly activity is right up there with surf shops and flip-flops when it comes to beach-town staples. Heading out for a round or two is a fantastic way to unwind with your little ones in the evening, especially if the local course offers nighttime features. Try Pirate’s Cove in South Yarmouth or Harbor Lights in Brewster.

3.    Go for a Twilight Stroll: Even though the best beach vacations are designed around daylight, there’s something magical about the shore at sunset. Take your children on a twilight adventure to search for shells, scope out wildlife or simply enjoy the laid-back atmosphere. Plus, a walk is the perfect way to calm the kids before bedtime.

4.    Admire the Night Sky: Crystal-clear nights are made for stargazing. Find a sandy spot away from the local hustle and bustle, and spread out a blanket for a relaxed sky-watching session. Help your children search for constellations, or make up a few stories about astronauts and space adventures.

5.    Indulge that Post-Dinner Sweet Tooth: You’re on vacation, is there a better excuse for ice cream after dinner? Sample the flavors at Buffy’s Ice Cream Shop or taste some yummy-smelling fudge or the tried-and-true saltwater taffy at the Candy Manor.

6.    Take One Last Swim: The evening is the best time to take advantage of the pool at the Chatham Seafarer. Not only is the area likely to be quieter just after the sun goes down, but splashing around is also a great way to burn off any extra energy.

What’s your favorite way to spend vacation nights with kids? Share your tips in the comment section below!